Connect your MetaMask and Coinbase Wallets to Display NFTs

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Feb 4, 2022

NFTs are the latest innovation in digital art – a world in which the Meural Canvas and content platform are the undisputed leader. Last year we partnered with Async to bring our community the very latest in digital art. And now, we’re excited to announce that NFT collectors can seamlessly display their collection thanks to our integration with the MetaMask crypto wallet from the Meural web platform.

Step One

Log in to your account on the Meural web platform, and select ‘NFTs’ from the dropdown menu.

Step Two

Select the ‘+’ icon to choose your crypto wallet

Step Three

Select the wallet you wish to connect (we currently only support MetaMask and Coinbase, but new wallets will be added soon).

Step Four

Choose your account, and connect the wallet. You may need to install/log in/scan QR code, depending on your device and wallet settings.

Step Five

Select the NFTs you wish to upload to the Meural platform and click ‘Upload’. Each NFTs’ title, description and QR code will be automatically imported.

Step Six

An NFT playlist will be automatically created in your account - this playlist is accessible from the dropdown menu, under ‘NFTs’.

To send the playlist to your wall, select ‘Send to Meural’ in the top right hand corner.

You can also send individual NFTs by double clicking on a single NFT, and choosing ‘Send to Meural’ (in the same position). The QR code is also displayed in each individual NFT view.

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