Behind the Scenes with Olga Muzician

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Oct 15, 2020

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Olga Muzician

In our series Behind the Scenes, artists answer questions about their creative process, philosophy, and more. This installment features Olga Muzician. See her exclusive collection with Meural here. (Read our other exclusive interviews with artists here.)

Meet the Artist - Olga Muzician

What are your 5 most important tools?

The 5 most important tools to my practice are, to start, just a basic pencil and sketchbook, because I think analog is the only proper way to do sketches. It just doesn’t work the same digitally.

The artist's sketchbook

My iPad would be the third, which I use for most of my lettering and illustration work. I use Procreate on the iPad to draw digitally. My laptop (or desktop computer, but I prefer my laptop because it’s so portable). I use this for all of my editing, videos, and mockups. And finally, my Nikon DSLR, which I use to shoot all of my work, process, videos, and especially all of my tactile lettering work.

The artist transforms her sketches into digital works on her iPad

What’s your favorite medium to work with?

Olga has worked with a lot of fun mediums including flowers, chalk, and even food!

Take a look at her previous projects.

The artist finds imaginative ways to make use of ordinary items

The artist can even turn cheese into a work of art!

Delicately placed flowers and leaves

What do you consume to help fuel your work?

Follow along with Olga as she shows us how she created Collect Moments Not Things, a piece from her Meural Exclusive collection.

Collect Moments Not Things - from start to finish!
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Meural Exclusive: Olga Muzician

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