The Week Ahead

The Week Ahead: March 23, 2020

Here's what to look forward to on Meural this week

Mar 23, 2020

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Anna Atkins

Creative Vibe

Rachel Ruysch

Let us curate your week with this set of daily suggestions for what to enjoy on our platform and on your Meural Canvas.

1. Stop and smell the virtual flowers!

Enjoy these beautiful baroque paintings of floral still lifes by Rachel Ruysch.

Garland with BlossomsRachel Ruysch
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2. Peek under the microscope…

19th century botanist and photographer Anna Atkin’s iconic blueprint photographic process is something beautiful to adorn your Meural with.

Delesseria SinuosaAnna Atkins
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3. Appreciate America’s Avant-Garde

A movement based on a trash receptacle? Learn all about the Ashtray Movement and the incredible American impressionism that came out of the Aschan School.

Armistice NightGeorge Luks
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4. Look up to the leading ladies in Hollywood

Celebrate Women’s History Month with iconic photographs of Hollywood’s biggest female stars throughout the 20th century.

5. Catch a (creative) vibe

Brighten up your wall with Creative Vibe’s best work.

We Are FamilyCreative Vibe
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Rachel Ruysch: Flowers

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